Blue Sky Lookout

Blue Sky Lookout


Wear your favorite print on your shoulder and steal the show wherever you go! BYOB (bring your own bag) from the farmer's market to the coffee shop and beyond.  

  • Art on both sides

  • Full color all over

  • Hand printed and sewn

  • Made from 100% poplin polyester

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle in style!

Size: 15"x 15

Custom brand these beautiful tote bags-->

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About the Artist, Himal Bikmal

Himal Bikmal’s paintings were the inspiration for Zenaviv. Diagnosed with severe autism at the age of 2, Himal, now a teenager, communicates using sign language. He began painting at age 9, inspired by his mother. Since then, he’s completed over a hundred pieces! Art has been very therapeutic for Himal, particularly helping him to focus. When he’s not painting, Himal loves solving jigsaw puzzles and spending time with other kids, especially with his big brother.