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Celebrating Autism Talent

Zenaviv promotes and connects artists impacted by autism or other disabilities with Businesses and Individuals.

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Every time you purchase Zenaviv art or products, artists earn 66% of the profits - improving their self-esteem and quality of life.

Debi Smith Jaworek talks about Zenaviv. Debi is the mother of Lee Jaworek, a talented Zenaviv artist.

David Bernard, General Manager of the iconic Four Season Washington DC Hotel on Zenaviv.

Clients include:

Wonderful as gifts - a fun, cheerful piece that projects an image of optimism and hope. Lovelier in person; the photo does not do the art justice.
— Trish Stover, Zenaviv Customer

Beautiful Products

Meaningful Purpose

To Inspire and Empower

Zenaviv is making strides in improving the lives of artists with autism while making the community a brighter, more beautiful place.

Zenaviv founder Harish Bikmal shares the purpose of the organization and how it was started.