7 Autism Influencers Redefining Perception of Autism

There are numerous autism influencers around the globe working to spread awareness about what a life impacted by autism is like. These autism influencers are on a mission to redefine societal perceptions and try to generate more social acceptance of people with autism.

Check out these 7 influencers who shed light on both the hardships and blessings of a life impacted by autism.

1. Jess – A Diary of a Mom

Facebook Followers: 313K

Jess is a popular social influencer and mother of two daughters, one of whom is autistic. She runs a blog to spread awareness about autism and how best to deal with it. Jess truly believes that having an individual with autism in your life is a gift that allows you to open your mind and broaden your perspective about life– she lives by this philosophy and conveys the same through her content.

Follow her on Facebook, where she is most active, and check out the abundance of useful resources and content. She often shares conversations had with her daughters, as well as other real-life incidents that spark discussions about autism and how it is perceived.

On the blog, Jess runs a community support page where people can freely ask questions, share their experiences, or simply talk to others who can relate to a life impacted by autism. If you want to be a part of the conversation, you can start a thread here.

The screenshot below is an example of a post that initiated a conversation about individuals with autism and the public’s misunderstanding around in-direct eye contact.


Image via Facebook


2. Eileen Shaklee

Facebook Followers - 80K

 Eileen is a mother of a son with autism, owner of the French Fries, LLC, and one of the most popular autism influencers and bloggers. She runs the blog, “Autism with a side of fries,” as well as a Facebook page, where she shares her reality of raising a son with autism. She focuses largely on the positive sides of autism and encourages others do so as well in order to encourage acceptance.

  Her Facebook post below is a brilliant example of how she inspires people and spreads positivity.


Image via Facebook

 To read more of her content follow her on Facebook or read her blog.


3. Autism Daddy

Facebook Followers - 145K

 Frank Campagna is a blogger and father of a teenage son who is non-verbal and has low-functioning autism. Frank initially started his blog to provide people a platform to share their experiences without judgement. He aims to not only create awareness but to encourage people to take action on behalf of those with autism – i.e. requesting parents to raise their children to be more accepting of people with disabilities. He truly believes that awareness is just not enough and solid action is required on the part of society to provide a better life for individuals with autism.

 Follow Frank on Facebook to read about his experiences with his son –no sugarcoating anything.

 Below is an example of a guest post on his blog written by someone whose sibling has autism.

Autism Daddy.png

Image via Autism Daddy



4. Melissa

Facebook Followers - 24K

Instagram Followers - 18K

 Melissa is a special education teacher who, through her blog, “Autism Adventures,” provides information and resources for teaching kids with special needs. She provides insight on both academic and social skills, as well as gives tips on how to help these kids develop their skills.

 This blog is especially helpful for special education teachers as they can find numerous tips that can be implemented in their classrooms.

 Below is an example of the kind of resources you can find on her website.



Image via Autism Adventures

 To find more useful teaching resources and kits, follow her blog, Autism Adventures.               


5. Kimock7

YouTube Subscriber - 66K

 This YouTuber runs a channel that posts videos about his life as a father of a son with autism. In 2017, his video with his son Chase titled, “16-Year Old with Autism Conversations with Dad,” went viral.

 Though the video had to be removed later, it was instrumental in spreading autism awareness and was appreciated by people around the world. He posts several videos a week for his substantial subscriber base.

 Below is a useful video by Kimock, in which he tells his audience how to identify the early signs of autism.



Image via YouTube

 To find more related videos, subscribe to his YouTube channel.


6. Alicia Trautwein

Facebook Followers - 30K

 Alicia runs a parenting blog for parents of children with autism and other special needs. She is a mother of four children, all with different diagnoses.

 Her blog centers around her life and provides real-life accounts of and information on raising multiple children with special needs. She also provides resources for parents to help them learn ways to teach their children while keeping them entertained.

 Below is an example of a blog post where she provides parenting tips on how to get a child with autism to sleep.


Image via The Mom Kind

 For more such useful parenting tips and resources, follow her blog, The Mom Kind.


7. Anna Kennedy

Twitter Followers - 61K

 Anna Kennedy is one of the more action-oriented autism influencers. She has not only taken it upon herself to spread autism awareness but has also started schools for children with special needs.

 Additionally, Anna runs a charity to raise funds that help provide training and workshops for children with special needs and their families and organizes autism-awareness events like the Autism Expo.


Image via Anna Kennedy Online

 You can attend the 2019 Autism Expo, to be held at Brunel University London on March 23rd, buy purchasing the tickets here.

 Anna also provides free consultations with autism experts as part of her charity work. You can book a consultation on her website.


All in all…

If these influencers inspire you, join them in making a difference by being more understanding and accepting of people with autism or other disabilities.

 Do you have a favorite influencer making a difference in the lives of those with autism? Let us know in the comments!

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