“Wonderful as gifts - a fun, cheerful piece that projects an image of optimism and hope. ”
— Trish Stover
During a move into new space at Freddie Mac we had the opportunity to pick art and I was immediately drawn to a piece from Himal called “Yellow Road”. Employees always stop and pay compliments on their way to meetings. I have since purchased “A Glimpse into Winter”, which stands proudly in my cube. Art like music is needed on a daily basis and Zenaviv provides that for me. Can not wait until my next purchase.
— Dom C., Freddie Mac, VA
Zenaviv has the noble purpose of showcasing artists who would otherwise go unrecognized for their amazing talent. These artists deserve to feel the joy and pride of sharing their stunning works with the world. I purchased calendars for my co-workers and friends because I wanted to support Zenaviv’s mission, and everyone was thrilled with the quality and beauty of the calendars!
— Jenny H., VA