Philippe Sauvie was born in Portland, OR and at an early age was encouraged by a Grand Aunt to draw. Making images became an integral part of coping with the difficulties experienced daily interacting with peers and with formal school work. He always felt there was something different about himself and these differences were often not welcome.

He formally studied fine art, industrial design and architecture in college at Portland State University and felt he’d found his niche and upon graduation became proficient creating architectural illustrations for architects and real estate developers using mixed media. As new technologies were introduced into this field over time and global competition began, the demand for his talents diminished drastically and he had a hard time adapting to this change. 

The deaths of both parents was traumatic in many ways and lead to him seeking council and evaluation receiving a proper diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome in his 50’s. Knowing what he was dealing with his whole life allowed for a fresh take on his past and new strategies for coping with deficits using delegation and coaching to bring a massive collection of artworks produced over the years into the public light for the first time and to market. Today he is a full time artist.



Sample Art