Michael Sardoni


Michael Sardoni grew up in New Jersey with his parents and sister Ava.  His love of animals became apparent by the age of three when he memorized the names of every creature in his animal encyclopedia. He began to create his own characters, the Zoofellas, a group of animals who were friendly, kind and funny, just like Michael.

He found drawing animals to be calming and carried books and pencils everywhere he went.  The sensory overload and anxiety that can accompany being autistic seemed to go away when he focused on the picture and had a pencil in his hand.

Michael’s love of all things Disney and Animation influenced his drawing and character style.  At the suggestion of a kind art teacher, Marlene, he began drawing more realistic animals, and now enjoys doing both.

Michael’s  “Dove of Peace” was featured in the Art of Autism’s  Art and Poems for Peace Initiative.  He feels that “more than anything, that’s something this world needs”.  And drawing and being with his family makes him feel peaceful.  He hopes that his art will make you feel peaceful too.


Sample Art