Rainbow Darkness

Rainbow Darkness


Vibrant, thought-provoking, energizing. A palette of bold colors makes this abstract piece pop. 

The Float Frame is a quality combination of modern brass-coated bolts and frame grade acrylic. This item will surely be a statement piece and arrives on your doorstep ready to hang.

  • Clean, airy, modern look for your home or office environment
  • Showcase your favorite print or offer an elegant gift
  • Hang-Ready: Includes frame grade acrylic, brass coated bolts and screws
  • Vibrant colors printed on Archival Matte
  • A smooth FSC-certified, acid-free paper
  • Excellent UV protection

Product Dimensions:

Frame: 30"x24"

Print Size: 24"x18"

Production time: 4-8 business days + shipping

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About the Artist, Lee Jaworek

Lee Jaworek grew up in the Washington D.C. area.  He calls his work “Artism” as it expresses his perception of the world: through the prism of autism.  

Lee possesses a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Washington.  His paintings and prints have been exhibited in the Virginia State Capitol and Virginia's Athenaeum Art Gallery, among others. Though acrylic painting is Lee's favorite medium, he continues to study various painting techniques and believes that "each color is just as important as every other color." He is intense in his execution, and definite about his selection of subject. Lee is living independently thanks to hard work and excellent support from his parents and aides.