A study in complex botany, this piece will add visual interest and creativity to your space.

The Float Frame is a quality combination of modern brass-coated bolts and frame grade acrylic.

This frame will surely be a statement piece and arrives on your doorstep ready to hang.

  • Clean, airy, modern look for your home or office environment
  • Showcase your favorite print or offer an elegant gift
  • Hang-Ready: Includes frame grade acrylic, brass coated bolts and screws
  • Vibrant colors printed on Archival Matte
  • A smooth FSC-certified, acid-free paper
  • Excellent UV protection

Product Dimensions:

Frame: 16"x 20"

Print: 13"x 17"

Production time: 4-8 business days + shipping

Customize the wall art to your brand

Hardwood Finish:
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About the Artist, Sneha Athreya

Sneha Athreya showed a knack for painting, crafts and computers at an early age. By age six she was already drawing pictures of her favorite characters from memory. Diagnosed with Autism (learning, attention and anxiety disorders) when she was 3 years old, Sneha received in-home Behavioral therapy for nearly 11 years under the supervision of her parents, primarily her mom. In the past 4 years she has blossomed into a talented a young water color artist and oil painter under the guidance, love and care of Ms. Lassie Corbett. Sneha is very high functioning and funny and shows interest in a variety of activities. For one, she possesses the uncanny ability to figure out any new gadget without reading a manual and is interested in using her art for charitable causes.