Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch


Who is this enigmatic character? Sherlock fans rejoice, as Benedict Cumberbatch is the inspiration for this piece.

The Float Frame is a quality combination of modern brass-coated bolts and frame grade acrylic. This frame will surely be a statement piece and arrives on your doorstep ready to hang.

  • Clean, airy, modern look for your home or office environment
  • Showcase your favorite print or offer an elegant gift
  • Hang-Ready: Includes frame grade acrylic, brass coated bolts and screws
  • Vibrant colors printed on Archival Matte
  • A smooth FSC-certified, acid-free paper
  • Excellent UV protection

Product Dimensions:

Frame: 24"x30"

Print Size: 18"x24"

Production time: 4-8 business days + shipping

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About the Artist, Andrew Earl

Andrew Earl was first exposed to the arts at West Portal Elementary School in San Francisco, California. Despite his diagnosis of Autism, Andrew's thrill of being onstage helped him to overcome the sensory overloads he would grumble about. He performed in West Portal's Spring Musicals and shined as Captain Hook in the school's rendition of "Peter Pan".He played many different roles throughout middle school and high School, even when his family relocated to Kiev, Ukraine and Moscow, Russia.  Since moving to Virginia, Andrew has developed an interest in painting. Under the loving guidance of his teacher, Gloria Benedetto, Andrew creates art that reflects his interests in video games, comics, theater, museums, the outdoors and movies. Whatever his subject, Andrew applies his flair for color, vibrancy and perspective to his work.