Recognition, opportunity and income for every artist with autism or special needs. That's the vision that drives us.

Zenaviv is a social enterprise changing the way the world perceives people with autism, bycelebrating their unique abilities, promoting their talent, and improving their quality of life.

Artists earn 60% of the profits from the sale of their art, improving their self-esteem, helping them to secure their financial future and improving their overall quality of life.


"Enlightenment With Colors"

The name Zenaviv is derived from the Japanese word "zen", meaning enlightenment, and the Hebrew word "aviv", meaning spring, or colors of spring.

Our artists experience this "spring" or new season of growth and opportunity in their lives as they turn their talent and abilities into beautiful, colorful works of art that bring light and life to the clients we serve. 


Our Story

Harish Bikmal has two teenage boys, the youngest of whom has low-functioning autism. This means that he can't do much on his own. What he can do though, is paint.

Harish and his wife would often worry about their son’s future. They wondered how their son might earn a living and spend his days, especially once they’re gone.

Harish and his eldest son Saket launched Zenaviv in 2016 to transform the perception of people with autism and special needs from one of deficiency to one of talent and abilities.



Harish Bikmal, Co-Founder, Chief Empowerment Officer

Harish has launched successful technology products that improve the lives of kids with autism and advised leadership at large global corporations. Harish holds an MBA from Duke University and an Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania.

 Saket Bikmal, Co-founder, Chief Evangelist

Saket is a high school senior and older brother of Himal Bikmal. Driven by a passion to help build a future for his brother, Saket played a critical role in the starting of Zenaviv. He enjoys presenting the stories of artists at events and competitions, designing and photographing products, and maintaining the website.


Marika Escaravage leads Zenaviv’s marketing communications and community engagement. Marika has a background in PR, writing and cause-based marketing and holds an Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy from the University of Pennsylvania. 


Hendra van Niekerk leads product design and all things graphic design. She has over 10 years of experience in the design industry and has served clients in multiple countries. She currently resides in South Africa with her family and home schools her 3 young children.